Monday, February 7, 2011

This foreign creature

I hate myself.
I hate what I've become.
This cancer that is slowly taking over
A disease, a foreign creature.
This has never been me.
Never apart of me.
Never a problem
Never a concern
I've never been one of "those" people
Those people who are sad for no reason
Who feel out of control and can't fix it
My mentality is screwed
Is twisted
Is jaded
It's like the real Latissa is being forced down, down, down
A sad creature is above, writhing in depression and panic
Where did she come from?
Who is she?
She doesn't belong here
Banish her
Make her stop
Make her leave
You are not welcome
Why do you exist.
Please give me Latissa back
Please let her shine
Please set her free
She is happy
She is waiting
She is begging
And alive
Desperately trying to breathe
Hanging on for all she's got.
She will never let go.
No never.


  1. I love you Latissa, and I love your poetry and your raw and honest emotion! Thankyou for sharing... youre right, life is not like a photo album! Its dang hard, and I totally feel I relate to this poem. So thanks.

  2. TISSY!!!!!!!! aight so i love you! first thing i wanna say about this poem is double high five on my favorite line "This cancer that is slowly taking over A disease, a foreign creature." what i like about this is most people who use spreading cancer as a metaphor just leave it at that but you made the cancer to seem more fatal and hidden by calling it a foreign creature. the thing that i think you could improve on is making it less generic, find new ways to describe what your trying to say but don't disguise it to a point where no one knows what your talking about. A few blunt lines in a poem are wonderful but i kind of felt like 80% of the poem wasn't written from the deeper more clouded rut in your heart that i know this poem was coming from. this is one thing that i still have problems with every now and than and thats why sometimes i'll spend months on one writing. i love you tissa! and i feel like you have an amazing talent when it comes to writing and im only giving this critique because you definitely have potential to be an astounding writer and i wanna help you get there :)