Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kissing Your Cheeks

You were always there
I felt you before you were here
An angel
A spirit that loved
That prompted
That waited
for me to be ready for you
I was never scared
I knew I loved you long before we met,
I knew you were mine in heaven
and that we would be a family soon
When you came, the beat of your heart was all that mattered
My life was yours
My love
My happiness
My goals
My dreams
my everything
The reason I wake up every morning
And your smile is heaven
in such a small package
You are the greatest gift I ever received
You are mine,
And you have me wrapped around your little arms,
And I could stay here,
Kissing your cheeks forever,
And be completely, blissfully
happy forever
Wishing time would slow down
And I could keep you this way
forever in my arms.

1 comment:

  1. i'll start with my favorite line in this one "Wishing time would slow down
    And I could keep you this way
    forever in my arms."
    i think this line is extremely adorable, if someone said that about me i wouldn't leave there arms!!! one thing that this poem lacked for me was the opportunity to relate to it. when your writing a poem describing how much you love someone/something you want to write it in a way that the reader can relate the writing to there personal lives. try to make these kind of writings something that i can feel, taste, hear and hold as if it were inside of me. love is a lot like faith and it's really hard to describe in words. im not to hot at writing about love myself so i speak to both of us when i say all of this. but that line that i stated as my favorite definitely does everything that i just talked about and i praise you for it :)