Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kissing Your Cheeks

You were always there
I felt you before you were here
An angel
A spirit that loved
That prompted
That waited
for me to be ready for you
I was never scared
I knew I loved you long before we met,
I knew you were mine in heaven
and that we would be a family soon
When you came, the beat of your heart was all that mattered
My life was yours
My love
My happiness
My goals
My dreams
my everything
The reason I wake up every morning
And your smile is heaven
in such a small package
You are the greatest gift I ever received
You are mine,
And you have me wrapped around your little arms,
And I could stay here,
Kissing your cheeks forever,
And be completely, blissfully
happy forever
Wishing time would slow down
And I could keep you this way
forever in my arms.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Hard to breathe
Heavy chest
Needing air
Needing space
Needing flight
Need to see something different
To run, to move, to change
Latency is the enemy
Detrimental to my sanity
Tempted to hyperventilate
To scream
To cry
Knowing what I need
A pill
A drug that calms, numbs
But a drug
Not a cure
Where is the cure?
Run, Run, Run!
I move it away
Sweat it off till it disappears
Till its outside of me
No longer existing
The toxin is gone
My heart is racing
Pumping calm sanity back in
This natural drug
I can breathe
I can cope
I am in control again
I can exist without this enemy
This is the real me
I can smile again
I have found my cure

Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Friend is a Mirror

A friend is a mirror
An image of your better self
Who's there when you have no love
To show you who you really are.

Written 2/16/2004

Monday, January 3, 2011

You're There

When life is wrong,
When I just can't move,
When I don't know how to breathe,
You're there.

That place in your arms
When my head is between your shoulder and chest
Is when everything fits
When breathing comes easier
And I can be me again
And take off all those hats
That get so confusing

And everything is simple

And I can smile
And know that no matter what,
You will always be there
To remind me of why my life is perfect in every way.