Thursday, December 23, 2010

Lost in plain sight

Everything is perfect
Everything is wrong
Such happiness
Such Depression
I love my life
I hate myself
I'm in control
Everything is chaotic

Who am I?
Where did I go?
What day is it?
Who is that face I see?
Could it be me?
Me. We. His. Theirs.
Which is which?

I used to know.
I used to be.
Someone. His. Theirs.
I want to be. I love to be.
But who am I?
Where did I go?
I lost me somewhere.
I think I see her, but she's distant

Can I call her?
Will she come?
Is she too young for this body?
Are we different now?
Can we be the same person?
Can we co-exist?

Or do I create another me,
A new me,
One that can hold all these hats,
And be sane. And let the perfection go
Let the anxiety disperse. Let the depression vanish
Let me be me again. Let me be a stronger me.

Latissa. Tissa. Tissy Tiss.
Who who where where.
Create someone new, someone stronger, better, wiser.
A warrior. A fighter. A hero. An angel.
Let me be me again.
Only better.

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